Black Mass

It’s an incidental finding

You know like rummaging through winter coats

on a hot summer’s day

For something misplaced

(stressed out sweaty brow and all…)

And finding a shitload of pocket change

Also a fistful of crumpled up paper cash ta’ boot!

Especially at a time when dead-ass broke

You tend to forget what it was you were looking for?

Except this time it’s not “found” money

It’s an incidental finding of a C.T. scan

It’s a mass, that’s not really massive

Except for the fact it encompasses/envelops a small adrenal gland

Suddenly bruised ribs

And a possible break

Give way to a greater sense of urgency

Oh, how the Doctors, filled, drilled, spilled their guts belied by over dramatic countenances

And it got to me as well…for a bit.

But as time passed

More asses became involved only to “drag”

Just when it seemed all hope was smashed…

I began to ask myself,

After being turned down by numerous specialists who don’t happen to accept my med. Ins.

If any of them truly understood the “True coverage” that is freely given and quite available?

Why should I worry?

Worrying is a sin.

The more I meditated and prayed about it,

The more concerned I became for their well “being”

Their “coverage” so to speak.

Therefore I pray

And worry not

The coverage by Grace was paid in full by the blood of the perfect lamb who was slain


For every possible need.
This is not the first rodeo for this believer
Four times before…
there appeared to be no chance
It never was in anyone else’s hands
but the Lord’s
As He wills…
I Gladly Humbly Submit and Accept

Perspective, perspective, perspective…priorities!

I ask myself and each and every reader this question:

Truly, what is of greater worth?

A man-conceived imperfect insurance?

Or a faithful, unfailing, Divine ASSURANCE?

Beloved friends

We know without a doubt

There exists a True Physician”

Who loves and heals

and is not “sheepish”

about making house calls

When He knocked…

We simply replied in faith

to mystery:)



“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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