Civil Wars

Civil Wars

Premature overtures of amateurs, Potential distractions and detours

on missions to obscure

the lure taken gut deep belly up,

undersides exposed dragged surfside

by the knots so sure

bursts open wide secured doors

scrambling, frantic, blind mice on all fours

scurrying lone rangers to the tune of William Tell Overtures

No Tontos by their side

Aimless and purposeless

only to meet by crash or collide

As the poison darts the flaming arrows Whizz by

Caught in the middle by not choosing a side

Safe haven on a battlefield?

Internal compasses gone awry

Can’t cry foul

Can’t utter a sound

There is no collateral damage to be accounted for…

Not choosing, is a choice in itself

Hearing now moans and groans

Clattering din of swords against shields

Trumpets sounding…

recalling only just “now” the faith by hearing ignored

No ignorance to claim, the picture is clear in a final flash of fury

as the flesh crumples in a bloody mess

No Spirit found to give up


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