Blown Away


The best possible spin is in

Gale force winds

In the eyes unseen it begins

What say you “Forrester?”

Tap, tap, tap, don’t think just write,

At it again?

Kingdom focused mighty pen

We can do this you know?

We were made for this!

I know we can

We know He’s able

So why hold back,

Why not turn over a few money changers tables?

Every good song has a strong hook

Let us meditate on what we have to give

And forsake lamenting those we took

Before we knew how and where to look

I’ll wash your feet

You wash mine

Let self die to live

Leave muddied shoes outside the door

Make these bared feet shine

Kick dust off of sandals

Leave it all behind


On fire

Town criers

From wilderness walks

To quaint cozy home fires sublime

In Jesus name

In Kairos time

Inexhaustible, un-extinguishable, unquenchable

Alive to hope

Spirit stirring


Glittering wind-chimes



Of precious gems


4 thoughts on “Blown Away

  1. What a brilliant compendium of past thoughts, images and discoveries shared. Sometimes painfully. Growth cracks open shells. Reaches ever Son-ward. Invitation accepted. Yarascalya…Doug

  2. Love ya’ bro’!
    In Jesus’ name.
    (i’ll have to look up “compendium” and “yarascalya”, but that’s what makes this fun:)

  3. “Bared feet” made to shine. At first vulnerable and unconventional. But eventually a strange comfort and willingness to tread like a child through other-worldly discoveries, even when its raining at 3 AM.

  4. What’s wrong with you anyway?! Ya’ actually made me google “yarascalya” as if it were a word in a foreign language or something, when ya’ meant ya’-rascal-ya’…you got ishooz bro’! 🙂
    Boy do I feel dumb!

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