Help Thou Mine Unbelief

I don’t believe

And it hurts to say

That I know you rescue

In every way

With compassion richer

Than words can say

But I stumble here.

You are good Lord

But I never can

Turn out right

And it seems my evil

Comes here to Light

While my boy wrestles

In dreadful fight

So I’m tested here.

And the memories haunt

From a past of pain

And they mock in struggle

Coming back again

And I freeze in fear

Held by doubt’s thick chain

Am I bested here?

Then your words “Fear not”

It’s your will to give

What you use so well

Helping folks to thrive

This strange power of faith

My sick child will live

You have said so here.


One thought on “Help Thou Mine Unbelief

  1. Once I did not believe.
    Then I tried to believe, failing miserably.
    I no longer believe nor attempt to believe…
    I Know What i Know For A Fact, Without A Single Doubt!
    In JESUS…
    TRUTH is far beyond any belief!

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