One Cup

The dust in my house

Is beautiful

For now…

It has to be

The weeds that flower unchecked

Yellow, lavender, white, red…

Where the garden used to be

Are beautiful

For now…

They have to be

Upkeep difficult

Near impossible now

Due to challenges in health

In adversity…

By Divine provision

I find unsought wealth

Approached by envious eyes

“What have I pray tell that you despise?”

Pretention belied…

By a need to have a good look around?

“I’ll clean my house in good time

What business is it of yours

Have you come to help, espy? decry?”

It’s my heart that needs cleansing right now

Your house looks like the cover for better homes and gardens

But you haven’t a clue what I need

Your landscaping…

Straight out of an “Edward Scissor-hands” scene

It may seem difficult to understand

That things are actually

“well in hand”

How it is that one might feel closer to Jesus

At such a time as this

Is beyond me?

Broken, dirty, despaired

You see…

He offered this one cup

Nothing fancy

Quite ordinary it seemed

And while I’ve allowed the outside to become filthy

I strive…

Through it all this side of glory

To keep the inside clean


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