The Whole World WithIn Your Hand

The right hand used for self gratification

and to push “play” on the pornography loaded by the same hand into a d.v.d. player

The hand used to uplift cold spirits

The clenched fist of violence perpetuated against others

The accursed hand used to tear out pages of scripture,

For the purpose of rolling tobacco and marijuana to smoke

The hand for popping pills

Holding guns and knives with nefarious intent

The left hand knows not what the right hand does

Truly, it would cut itself off at the wrist

If it had any inkling

The right hand is giving beyond measure…

Nothing good!

And you greet us bold-faced lying, contemptuous 
as if unaware…
with uncleansed open extended hand
expecting a “hand”-shake?
Jesus teaches…Love
Thy neighbor
Thy enemy
Love the Lord thy God
with all our heart
our soul
our mind


on the other hand…

We have been empowered

to trample underfoot

shake off into fires

and continue on

with the Kingdom work

immediately at “hand”

matter of factly

without skipping a single beat.


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