Cannot even the dimmest of flames,

Shine bright in utter darkness?

Of what measure the same individual light,

In a room well lit by many?

Taken away a candle at a time

Over an extended period of time

And not even perceive how the light has dimmed

The adjustment to dark subconscious, autonomous,

in more ways than could ever be seen

sight has become strained

and this causes pain

desensitized by conditioning

no longer able to differentiate

a torrential downpour

from a temporal light sun shower

how brilliant, monochromatic, stark is the contrast?

Everything seems more alive

When the Son shines through

After the terrible reign we had been under unknowingly

And the after effects subside

Fragrant is the free air

Brilliance everywhere

Trust in Yeshua
Sprouts eternal
Spark of  new Life
Seed now husk
Dies to self
New Life…
Bursting forth
From a dark fertile silence!

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