Followed my eyes
To where they might lead
And found myself lost
And though I saw
I saw not
pursuing wants
ignorant of every blessed, divine,
provision of needs
Followed sight
Ransomed at high cost
Though eyes closed
Saw much
Choosing unseen
As seen…
 consciously decided
And plaintive seen
as obscene
in seeing the conquering imminent
by outright mendacity
of what has become divided
In between
And dreams
And schemes
And themes
Taken up
And caught in the middle
Grounded and flighty
Meek and mighty
Feather in a cap leapt from a precipice
With no wings to flap
Rush of heir
Slipping past
Rude awakening
Prior to impact
Is this the place
Where the friction of rubber
Leaves the road?
Where greener pastures,
Of all paper chasin’ trails end?



One thought on “Mammon

  1. This one initially was numbered in your email to me. Didn’t get it…Doug

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