Iconoclast In Session

money changersII
Meet Him after class
Meet Him during fast
Meet Him after loss
Meet Him at the Cross
Meet Him halfway
Go one mile for Him
and He will go two for us
Meet Him again after death
He gave us His Breath
He was known
We have been shown
He Lives!
His Word says
In the breaking of the bread
Mete out charity
in His Holy Name
Mete as we have received
also proclaim
Cast away caste distinctions
worldly treasures
the love of rotting flesh
He so disdains
Mete out death to self
and allow Him in us,
to reign
“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless


4 thoughts on “Iconoclast In Session

  1. Yes, yes…he connects mightily with the ball. Some unknown enthusiast in the stands has a keeper.

  2. Needed the “nudge” to seek/regain a solid footing, thanks bro’!
    Better batting stance and follow through swing i suppose?

  3. Ironic that those doves of peace and submission are shown flying over Jesus’ anger. Help me with the title. Is it simply doff the formalism and rituals and live the life in all practicality. That came out with me in “Oh I’m No Saint” (Doug)

  4. “Is it simply doff the formalism and rituals and live the life in all practicality” that is exactly the gist with an artistic “flair”!
    Written almost three years ago I might add. If one out of twenty or more poems stirs you to comment good or bad it is always a humble honor well received and opportunity for growth and learning either way…long story short, it’s always a good thing by my limited estimation far as I can tell:)

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