Dead religion’s pungent odor assails senses stinging nostrils like the smell of bleach on bloodstains through ears… through eyes… down throats… gains access through thin sensitive membranes   We’ve had this discussion before my friends, agreed to disagree
Disagreed and set free so why this topic once more?
You know the stand taken
the only conflict lies
in our own ability to accept what we’re sensing
the deep that is calling it’s no man’s doing but the body knows,
when it’s something it needs
how much more so spiritual matters?
There is but death defeated
So why is religion still pounded out to death?
Tenderizing flesh with a mallet,
as if that will make a difference?
Reminded of The Lord’s words once gently whispered to me:
“be gentle with my sheep”
Contrasted by
Charismatic talkers, compelling attention grabbers, heart stabbers don’t you know…?
it is very dangerous to awaken a “sleep-walker”
But the time will come in His time “Thy Will be done”
In the interim… Love and pray
In obedience… bear witness…
in time… just as photographs develop from negatives into much clearer pictures
We will see each other then
our true selves unencumbered
When the smoke clears
When the dust settles
When the storms abate
When the fog dissipates
When the tide recedes
All of us
will stand fully exposed
as ancient in the nature of our own ruins
an instant before knees bend
and heads bow
eagles shouts of “woe”
trumpet sounds
this time…
not a lamb
on a donkey
upon a bed of palms
But with all glory and majesty befitting a King
The heirs’ washed clean
The faint fragrant scent of silence amidst tumult
Smells as deafening
as it is imminent.
Praise be to his glorious name forever;  may the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen and Amen.”- Psalm 72:19

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