In the deepest recesses of a mind,
within a dark and foreboding realm,
there lies a cell.

Therein he finds sanctuary,
a place to retreat to,
when failure, rejection, and despair overwhelm him
and his life becomes a living hell.

So he slams the door shut,
stiff-jawed, resolute.
blind to the light,
in fervent pursuit.

When at last,
the pounding of a fearful heart abates,
in a stillness heretofore unknown to him,
Mercy and Grace.

For upon the soil of a “fertile silence“,
a seed was sown,
nourished solely by the tears of past sorrows,
a rose has grown.

And Thus…
He begins to see,
an undeniable love,
an irrefutable truth,
a “narrow way”
that beckons…
to an open door,
and a new life.


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