Small Sacrifices?

Not of the world but living in it
but some have professed
to have already died and gone to Heaven
there is no battle for them
for they are rapt in self-deluded
euphoric peace and joy
once happily wagging tails
traded for tucked neatly between legs
fearful and skittish in professions of faith
incontinence evidenced by urine stains
what would the politically correct say?
Last i heard,
Satan was the supreme ruler of this world
though a defeated foe
just take a good look around
and tell me i’m wrong
There’s an Archbishop testifying
in a child abuse trial in “Philadelphia” these days
Storms don’t abate by the shutting of eyes
can’t close our ears to the needy’s cries
tip toe through the daisies
while being overrun by the lazies and crazies
Wild bulls trampling wildly
through the “lillies of the fields”
This is a battleground
one can hide in their homes
but they won’t be alone for very long
Toasty safe and warm
A house built on sand
Cannot weather a storm and a Cross weighs nothingCan mean nothingTill it is picked up

And carried…

What creature comforts
Are we willing to forego?

Furthermore, what is this nonsense,
promulgated by Johnny come lately’s,
false prophets emerging in the 1870’s
perpetuating lies
about a “stake?”
Unchecked even unto this day.

Luke 9:23
Matthew 16:23-25

These are the very Words of Jesus and not to be questioned nor refuted!

“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless

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