Carpe’ Diem

Sees the day

So many behind me now

Never gave much of a thought

To these…

Ever “sees” days



At times disorienting

More often than not



No explanation can suffice

How one comes to see such days

Through such eyes


Deja’ vu..?

Sets me off in a vertigo spin

A turn of the neck

Pinch in the nerve

And it begins


Have I been here,

Done this before?

It all seems so familiar

But not in the journey

The weighted stations in between

The narrow ways

The things discovered


In interims


Out of time

Out of place

A throbbing sore thumb

gone unnoticed by passers by

staggering purposefully

unconsciously, adaptive, changing…


The greater the distraction

the more pointed the focus

In stillness…

In synch with motion


Making land-falls


Before the spark


That sets off the explosion

Growing weary of “word play”

Passion or obsession?


Or contention?

Laying pen to rest

Accepting what is given

Nothing left to prove

No one to impress


Take it all away

Be no less

Be no more

No pass

No fail

Plead “no contest”


Thoughts spring to life

Only to expire upon a page

What is there worth seizing?

By the hand that freely gives

As it has been given?


Nothing desirable remains

Nothing of the world

Only doldrums pervade

These weary eyes

Tear stained cheeks

Bleeding to life

falling deaf…

Upon a page


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