Computer’s Confession-By Jody Squallace


“Why is it I am always left in this stuffy office in a dark corner?

Here he comes again to peck and ponder on my keyboard. (Tap, Tap, Tap…) I wonder what he will be searching for today? Maybe a nice vacation spot where I could get ‘RAM’ service ha!

Nope, no such luck it’s always the same old thing in the search bar (Tap, Tap, Tap…) Where can I find a sermon? You think he would save these sites to favorites, but then I guess a confession would be in order. That is how he always acts, with my volume turned down low and screensaver at the ready with one touch of a shortcut key.

I wonder what subject he will choose today? (Tap, Tap, Tap… falsehoods, tricks, deceptions) Interesting keyword choices, well let’s see what I can show him. My so many to choose from, I hope I have enough memory to store all of these. Looks like he’s picking Eve’s dialogue with satan in the Garden. Here comes the fun part…(Highlight, Highlight, Highlight, Copy and Paste), if he keeps this up I am going to need a new mouse.

Almost finished, just a little editing and he will be on his way. (Author’s Name – Highlight, Delete, and Post) Okay pick up the unopened book with the black leather bound cover and off to meet with the congregation again.

Don’t forget to put my password protected screensaver on (Click). There you go, I knew you wouldn’t forget that. But really, how would anyone guess your password to be…Thou shalt not steal.

Until tomorrow then”
“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


One thought on “Computer’s Confession-By Jody Squallace

  1. Gives a jolt. And really that “messenger” is the real loser here. Every bit of earnest study in preparation blesses the preacher/teacher in an exceptional way. If he is truly hungry. (Doug)

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