Ever have a day surprise you

A day in which you feel exceptionally alive?

A song,

A memory,

A combination of things

That seem to unlock

A vault of treasures

A safety deposit box

To rummage through in a cubicle of solitude

A time capsule unearthed

An inspiration re-birthed?

A presence that says:

“When you least expect Me…here ‘I Am’

When most distracted

Feeling distant?

Out of touch?





You come,

And sit by us,

Pay a visit,

Or so it seems to us.

Truth is always near


Always we are attempting

to get “still”

“be still”

To find this place within ourselves


Is a gift of grace,


We cannot achieve on our own

“…And know”


One thought on “Precious

  1. That we might learn more to wait for it…Doug

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