Special Assignments/Delivery

Nothing personal
Must confess
Could care less
Nuisance of gentle yet unyielding behests
Is it from Him?
Is it another test?
Best not to take any chances
err on the side in contemplation of request
Pondered quizzically, bemused momentarily,
Before a stupid smirk fades
and a somber sobriety sets in
while donning robe and tunic
A catalytic arrest pervades
toxic emissions desist
A welcome refreshing mist
Strapping sandals on feet
heading out
And taking after quest
Must be a prerequisite to rhyme I guess
Just the way I was made?
When processing an onus
Newly come to bear down
Upon a heaving chest
Take no pleasure
In the bearing
Sometimes good
Sometimes not
Sometimes impossible to tell
A repo man suffers no crisis of conscience
A bank does not hesitate to foreclose
A hitman fulfills contracts methodically
A physician removes a tumor from a body
to salvage the rest
And an assigned official
gives the lethal injection
or sends untold voltages into a chair
where a man convicted is strapped blind-folded
And elsewhere blind-folded
before a firing line
another puffs on his last cigarette
eyewitnesses anxiously await
as rifles come to bear
Breath as bait
just a job?
In a strange kind of specific
Temporarily apportioned largess
Special delivery
Signature required
Eyes only
No one home
Held for pick up
Soon to be returned to Sender
Not exactly “void”
Oh no…not in the least
Only willfully avoided
By free choice
New messenger
Free now after having obeyed
To feed birds
Do dishes
Clean house
Walk the grounds
Make the rounds
tend to errands and chores
With eyes Given
Insights lived in
Someone else’s turn now
yes, there in your hands
What ever you think your eyes see
in fact is a flaming torch
A Light…
not to be taken lightly
but passed on…
There it goes again,
right before our noses
did you see?
It’s right there,
0n flattened plains of day
you, me, us, them, they…
and a ‘gain‘ I say.
Luke 15:11-32
Matthew 21:28-32
So many times, two sons, Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Ismael…
One inheritor
Only one of two choices to be made
As far as East is from West,
Will decide whether final destination, North or South?

2 thoughts on “Special Assignments/Delivery

  1. Powerful, Anthony. There’s the casual, everyday posture, followed by the increasing burden, and finally the obedience of faith.

    Love, Hil. XXXOOO

  2. It always peaks to some sort of a crescendo that is how I know, even if one tries to ignore it and hopes it goes away…even then. You nailed it spot on (that is exactly the gist)! Your comment also helped me to understand what was written much better, thank you. Tis’ uncommon eyes, two as one share…rare…very rare Mrs. B. Adjustments now plainly visible and stand before you written, transparent as glass, to you and he.
    It’s been a humble honor for us and an absolute joy!
    You are most welcome:)

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