A man goes by the title of carpenter, one of many.
Some more reputable than others, some more proficient, more expert, of higher integrity, of low integrity.
some more studied in various applications and techniques, types of wood used, others in the simpler more basic realms.
All share the same “title” Carpenter.
Then some are plumbers…
Some more proficient and experienced than others at their chosen profession.
Some are constanty recalled to re-repair leaks and later again for the same reasons (shoddy workmanship).
Others are in demand for exactly the opposite reason due to excellent reputation and  referrals through word of mouth testimonies of excellence.
All share the same title of”plumber“.
Here are some more titles:
Grande Poo-bah
Grande Wizard
Grande Vizier
Witch Doctor
Medicine Man
Anything but “humble servant”.
And within all of these “titled” positions are varying ranges of abilities some called to, some misinterpreting a “calling”.
And that calling has nothing to do with titles.
“Titles” are given by men to themselves or by other men to men.
Be a critical discerning thinker, test the spirits, don’t be so easily impressed.

Maybe we could use more good carpenters and plumbers, than shitty *(actually meant to write ‘city’ instead of ‘shitty’ but I typed it with a Chinese accent…sorry:) clergy with redeemed/rediscovered then once again misplaced talents.Charismatic engenderers of agendas adding to confusion and clogging up the works?


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless

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