Mrs. Devout Jehovah’s Witness from down the street, you’re dead and killing your son.

Where to begin?
Okay in one of my many discussions with Mrs. Jehovah’s Witness from down the street, not like I sought the conversation rather it was foisted upon me along with a current copy of “awake” and “the watch tower” which went straight into the trash. She began discussing her beliefs, Jesus died on a stake not a cross, Jesus was just a man, there is no Trinity, etc. I mistakenly referred to her as a “Jehovah” I have trouble saying “Jehovah’s Witness” I was immediately corrected by citing the example of Adam given the privilege to name all the animals and how there is power and purpose in names and she explained why they say “Jehovah God” rather than for ex. God, Lord, Almighty, Creator..etc. So then I asked her “you believe there is power in names, is that correct?” She said “yes”. Then may I pose a question to you? She said “yes”. If this is what you believe so firmly, then why have you shamelessly referred to your son in my presence as “fool” “lame brain”, “idiot” “dummy” all within the last fifteen minutes? Yes your son has a drinking problem, yes he is thirty years old, unemployed and living off your social security, yes he cannot hold a job due to alcohol abuse…yes he is ill and how does your name calling benefit him, while you enable him? She is diagnosed “paranoid schizophrenic and diabetic type II, yet though she has them refuses to take medications. I tried to help him citing all the wonderful ways Jesus changed my life, but he won’t hear it. Refuses to, though he says he doesn’t believe in God when taken to task he espouses the same “Jehovah’s Witnesses” brain-washed rhetoric verbatim. Ask him if he is a Jehovah’s Witness” and he will firmly deny it! He is being programmed to fail and I have had to walk away from him, very sad, he’s really a good kid at heart afraid to break out. Very likeable and endearing when he’s not in a besotten, beligerant, hostile, obnoxious state…very lost and “Mrs Jehovah’s Witness”, Mrs. Doorbell ringer who actually has not one but two “No Trespassing” signs on her front lawn can’t see past the harm being self inflicted to help her son. Perhaps Jesus came to knock and saw the signs?
I’ve poured all I could into this young man, washed his feet, prayers, tears, truth, witness, gospel, examples of kindness and generosity, labored for them free of charge, brought food to them and cooked delicious meals for them in their home, helped out financially…now all I can do is wait and hope, for the watering and the increase. Pray for Joseph. They only saw “me” refused to see the “Jesus” in me which was my sole motivator…sad. It’s very sad, because they really seemed to love me but could not love He who changed me and gave me a new Life and purpose and I tried so diligently to point to Him in all things. I got thank you’s, they chose to patronizingly leave Jesus out of it.
I have since been banished, I’m told I have “demons” and Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only “true” Christians.

And the “kid?”, in his eyes are anger, bitterness, confusion, hunger, thirst, but very lost in the wilderness. A silent cry for help he sleeps off on a tear soaked pillow with no where to turn to…only darkness can he see.

Thirty years old and witty, sharp, worldly, street smart to the nth degree…and yet still seems like a terrified innocent babe completely lost in the woods and I can really relate to him having myself, once lived in abject fear of the as yet unknown undeniably …calling to me.
(reporting live from the trenches…O.E.W.).


One thought on “Mrs. Devout Jehovah’s Witness from down the street, you’re dead and killing your son.

  1. Fair comments AG. Pity her blindness. Jesus walks further down the road for a time. Fear of Man is the big banner over “the Watchtower”. They smile, they gather, they study, they strategize, they door-knock, they suffer persecution (lifeless as they are, and with no understanding of the man Christ Jesus)

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