You better not pout, you better not cry, you better watch out…(it’s comin’ about and it t’ain’t no santee clause!

It’s gonna hit you harder,

than Grandma by a reindeer!

When at first it is revealed

The kind of faith that once sufficed to fill a gap

And the contrast of a kind that bespeaks “saved/sealed”

It’s gonna hit you hard,

light you up brighter than any drive thru for a fee
artificially created Christmas illumination display 

When things begin to come into sharper view

The very things that once seemed so mundane

Will now seem wondrous, beautiful, brand new

It’s gonna change everything to know

Christ-Mass is more than words on a greeting card

not simply a man made politically correct
holiday for profit bonanza mammon focused
Precipitated by swarms in a black friday’s frenzied fodder for locusts

But a way of life in thanksgiving and praise

To be observed every single day

The Word of God will come alive

In vivid dreams, visions, Spirit taught

Spirit Given, Spirit sought

Not a smidgeon man made or store bought

Bound to be a circuit breaker tripped

When the “unseen” comes to knock

And “real” is revealed to be something

Heretofore unknown…

Moreso than what ere was

Felt, touched, seen or shown

Don’t bother to brace or hold on tight

No sense in tensing up in anticipation

If it hasn’t happened yet in a powerful way

Trust that there is no preparation

It’s gonna catch you flat-footed

tug you by the collar, grab you by the seat of your pants, pull at the boot straps

snatch the carpet out from under you

it’s gonna’ feel like you missed the last step at the bottoms of peculiar stares


Out of the blue

Caught up in ‘Acts‘ fact checking facts

apprehended bare-handed

When the dam bursts

And a turbulent flood assails

In trust…

Comes a Comforter’s peace that ensues

“surpassing all understanding”

Ask me how I know?

Ah, but tis’ a mysterious thing

An endless spring

A living fountain of Truth

that never stops Giving

Once struck by the initial wave

Ever awash…

in “The flow”

Merry Christmas!


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