Designated Drivers


In this precious breath given

We resuscitate by C.P.R.

Pound clenched fists into chests

Without discrimination or discernment

Between dead and living

Declension being…

the only means by which to receive


As thunder roars in downpours

And lightning threatens

The sounds of wars waged to the East

Prophesied machinations of a beast ensue

While the West seems oblivious

To the chickens come back to roost

In trials and tests bewildered

Getting as good as given


Turmoil chaos and unrest

Seething beneath a delusional peace

Policing the world

While creating an environ

With no policing of police

Being torn apart

One and all drawn and quartered

Trampled underfoot in a welcoming “free?” society

By the very same quarters given


Fuel costs are down

Shopping carts fuller

Mammon appeased…

The surge towards December 25th progresses as planned

While wall street speculates

and rubs together greedy hands


Innocent children are dying to be born

in our very midsts

We awaken by grace to new days given

Greet it with the same old ways of livin’

Anxious to receive and give

As we conceive, perceive

And live


And the Giver of all things good

Surveys our follies

With mercy, love and compassion

Hears the cries of joy

And of those in need

least of these…”

Impoverished in pain and pleading

They are by no means forgotten


By a G-D,

Who can never be


We are called to sobriety…
in times of excess
to help guide the affected
safely home
abstaining from man made
 festivities ourselves
There is a reign upon us…
greater than our pageantries
or parades


(First image juxtaposed to the last,

makes one want to ask,

just what the hell are we celebrating anyway?)


One thought on “Designated Drivers

  1. Much cutting here. Many bandaids required. Excellent piece AG. I can hear Ezekiel blasting the peace pundits.

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