A Wild Bird In The Hand (literally)

black and white

Early yesterday morning I was heading to Sunoco on Main Street I saw a bird tending to another bird that appeared to be injured.
I decided to turn around and check it out, both birds were right in the middle of the road and there was traffic coming their way.
As I turned around about five cars passed in that direction and I was praying that they wouldn’t be run over.
Well I stopped and put my hazards on and bent over to pick up the bird, I thought it would try to get away but it didn’t?
I looked it over and it appeared to be more dazed than injured, with a superficial wound on it’s leg.
I turned around and headed towards Sunoco again and brought the bird in with me, the cashier a young lady started shrieking in disgust saying “get that dirty, filthy creature away from me…you’d think she saw the devil?”
While a customer standing in line began asking questions about how the bird ended up in my hand.

So I explained…all the while distracted by the shaken cashier trembling in horror, a few words flashed through my consciousness powerfully…”mercy, compassion, least of these, why was it absent from this young lady, why so fearful?” There was something so very irrational about her reaction, I thought… as I held this delicate pulsating vibrant fuzzy warm tender life in my huge hand?”
When I returned to the truck I gently placed the bird on the front passenger seat and it seemed much chipper and very vocal!
So I went back to return it to nearby where I found it…it immediately flew into the trees and I knew it would be reunited with it’s mate.

So this morning as I was meditating I heard “a bird in the hand”, weird but I literally did have a “bird in the hand” that I had almost completely forgotten about.
I mean it was just a day ago and yet seemed like so distant a memory?
As I was meditating and praying I found that I unconsciously had my outstretched hand open as if to receive.
I looked over and a pair of sparrows were at the feeder as well as a mated pair of cardinals, I came in and typed this…while it was fresh in my thoughts.
What does it mean?
I have no clue, only that I know it means SOMETHING?

Does it mean anything to the reader?

I often find that answers await just a little further down the road if one remains on track, I’ve learned not to sweat it.

If it is a message meant to be heard and understood in GOD’s own timing it will be revealed.

Sometimes the smallest of things lead to great revelations.
Like the bird…some things are simply black or white to us.

With G-D…it can easily, simultaneously, be both and more.

By the way this particular bird had a very bright spot of crimson red,

upon the crown,

of it’s head.

There are things we must learn to accept as True(mysteries), that the most venerable, studious, learned, diligent, dedicated, theologian cannot explain.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be referred to as mystery but “known“.

(aren’t we so very much like fragile little birds in the Lord’s tender loving hands?)


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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