This Very “They”

Good…you, me, us, them, they?
Bad…you, me, us, them, they?
All the same
to focus on a day
lived to have been seen
is to detract
from a blessed “Now”
In a Holy Name
The Name in whch
Thy Kingdom come
Thy Will be done
is personified in
irrespective of tense
Not about
But ever…
All at once
Past. Present or future
In Jesus…
nothing bad
save for us
Any “good” we have to offer
can only come through Him
Who saves all “theys”
Who seek
Who hunger
Who thirst
And further “help” is readily available
for the asking in faith
Whether in pitch of night
or while basking
in streams of sunlight
this new they..
is far from over
and has only just begun.
(enjoy the song:)
Thanks for reading, have a good “they” 🙂

2 thoughts on “This Very “They”

  1. Believing unbelievingly is to refer in the third person to “they” who need the rod, the teary cheeks and the dark night of contrition, perhaps several nights. Very good, pulling the face straight around from the shadows and fraud, Anthony…Doug

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