Invisible to the Naked ‘I’


In retrospect now…

Can it be seen?

The increase hidden

Within the dwindle?

So obvious from a new perspective

Footprints in trompe-l’oeil

spanning great distances

and decadent decades

Illusion of a walk

One true step in the right direction

Is a leap…

See it now?

the expanse between this plane of existence and truth?

All that once was

Strewn about…

Stripped and shredded…

desolation in battlefields abandoned

Gathered by gusts into clusters

Tumbling through deserts of deserted pasts?

Gaining momentum…

One step leading to another

Doesn’t it shake,

The very foundations

Of all we once believed

To be progress?



3 thoughts on “Invisible to the Naked ‘I’

  1. Good stuff, Anthony, tearing down the aluminum siding. Doubting all institutional solidarity/integrity. If you the readers don’t believe this, take a look at the recent movie The Big Short starring Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and others. What’s up for grabs? The banks, the insurers, the bond builders, the brokerage firms, the mortgage movers, the ratings firms, the securities regulators, the press, the legal brethren, the conscience of the economies of the entire western world, the thinking process of over-stimulated, faltering citizenry. Do we have your attention yet? (Doug)
    Jesus said that all the great buildings of Jerusalem would fall because they knew not the day of His visitation (Matthew 24: 1,2)

  2. You and one other are the “reader” LOL!

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