Truly Among Those “Sent?”

Saul set out in one direction of his own volition, with determination plan and a purpose (though misguided) and was arrested by love, taken into custody, rehabilitated and “sent” in another totally contrary direction.

Are we “sent” and if so…
By Whom?
Certain personal  inflections (ego) give rise to the contrary, they give us away in fact.
Saint Paul, also struggled with this, are we greater than he? Immune to this temptation…?
I think not.

Basic Definition. “Mission is the divine activity of sending intermediaries, whether supernatural or human, to speak or do God’s will so that his purposes for judgment or redemption are furthered. The biblical concept is expressed by the use of verbs meaning “to send, ” normally with God as the expressed subject. The Hebrew verb is salah [j;l’v] and the Greek is apostello [ajpostevllw]. These terms emphasize the authoritative, commissioning relationship involved. The Scriptures also employ the cognates apostolos [ajpovstolo”] (“apostle, ” the one sent) and apostole [ajpostolhv] (“apostleship, ” the function of being sent), referring to the one sent and his function.”
(Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary Of Biblical Theology)

Ironically when I completed this post…I hit the “send” button?
Yes, it was by my own finger physically but I have to wonder…why was I so compelled to do this? And why so “passionate” about a subject I couldn’t have cared less about in my former state?

Maybe someone more learned and wise who is perhaps Truly “sent“will “send” a response to these questions..hmmm?


2 thoughts on “Truly Among Those “Sent?”

  1. domesticlady says:

    A New Year ahead for those who are sent and senders, who are passionate and obedient to the Sender, is exciting and needful in these last days. May we bring a sweet savor to the throne. Praising God For your encouragement and exhortation. May you continue to be arrested by His love.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. So very delighted to hear from you, God Bless you! Happy New Year! How are you!
    My prayers were answered by someone “sent” more learned and wise, AMEN! Amen and Amen!

    Anthony Gomez/oneagleswings

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