Call No Man “Fool”

What’s the plan Stan?

Another song of man?

Accursed son named Ham?

Son of Sam? 


In a world of haught

Replicated robes of Pharisees store bought

lost and found

before sought

Losing a battle…

Before being fought

No taught

in a retort 

Retentive sphincter too taut?

Been “Gifted” a cart

been “Gifted” a horse

and a box of rocks

by evidence…

still Holy Spiritless and dumb-found

wheels turnin’

but still stuck-in-an-ancient-rut

no “atta’ boy!”

for King Tut

A Donkey in a kilt donning a tam

Playing a dirge on a bagpipe

Would not dissuade nor divert

The path being laid 

Stubborn to the core

Thou wilteth the bouquet in your hand

Limp draped and dead

To the hilt

Blood spilt

Still remain a-tilt 


Weaving in and out on slanted platforms


Round and round 

In lieu of listening intently

Rush to decipher the call

Intellect determined to make a determination

Abandoning a post

To out-man

another man’s station

To which you were not summoned 

Running out of rations

Holed up in a rationale


By self-realizations 

The more the struggle

The greater the vibration

The ripple effect

As the spider closes in

To see what fare

be entangled

“This day”

Oh…almost forgot!

Yo’ Momma’ wears Combat Boots!

momma in boots



One thought on “Call No Man “Fool”

  1. Consumed by self-realization. Yes even the Church. (Doug)

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