Absurdity (Pharisee-ism)


If immersed and still blind

Then all that was accomplished

Was to get “wet”

Could’ve stood out in the rain and done that

You need a “towel”

Not more “Torah”

A true change of heart

The essence of


Don’t impose a Moral-“Torah”-hymm…?

On the Grace freely Gifted

Especially while claiming lineage

To the Son of David

star of david

Keeping customs and traditions alive

Is commendable and lovely

If keeping to Law

Then one must own it all

And be “accursed”

“Messianic Jew?”

Who are you kiddin’?

hang that on your tassle (Tzitzit)

Like our Lord

Did on a tree

Look left

Look right

No one alongside thee

If I am to burn for these words

Rest assured…

it will not be by the hand of an arsonist’s curse

or on the lips of a “usurper”

With one foot in “Grace”

The other in “Law”

Make a wish before the rift

or choose

There is a “Passion” all consuming

That lives in Spirit

and must speak Truth

that can be ignored at great peril…

but never denied



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