One More For The Road Forrester

So what happened?

When you traced your lineage

Had your D.N.A. checked

And found out you had always been a Jew?

Was it like “Popeye”

when he eats his spinach?

are you now “strong to the finish?”

Were you weak in the faith prior?

Can you now soar higher?

Did you have a checkered past?
blood-sweated it?
finally found the nerve
to take an aids test
and passed?
What was your “ugly”
behind a mask?
before you got so gussied up vain and Purdy
if one might be so bold to ask?
Had to walk on hot coals

before acknowledging a fire?

What if you had’nt checked?

Were you called?

Or a hacker identity thief?

What happened to you?

Did you don tights and a cape?

How did you go from 0-60 m.p.h.

How did you become

“Super Jew?”

To learn and teach Hebrew?

How does it feel?

To know you’re among the chosen people?

To have such knowledge and power coursing through you?

Kinda’ heady I’ll wager

Looking down from your lofty perch

What do you survey?

Eyes of an eagle

Or a hawk?





Brought sustenance to Elijah by a brook

Perhaps like those ravens

Just obeying?

On their way to Elijah

Passing over donkeys braying?


What are you passing by overlooked?

Death passed by your doors

In obedience to a “sign”

What defense do you claim

In a journey of the mind?

If under the blood

Why look down on gentiles

Who believed…

While Jesus was being denied

And murdered by your kind?

To this day…

They look for a sign

But the only sign given

Will be the example of Jonah

The ninivites while vile and evil

Believed unto repentance

Even their livestock humbled in ashes

Yes…”chosen” people

Chosen examples of the height of haught

Height of stubbornness and disobedience

There is much to be learned from such things

Sufferings open up awareness

Even in suffering…

giving thanks and praise

Priorities bring focus

views become clearer

your obstinance

is no small matter of happen stance

But a teaching “tool”

you yourself cannot see…

true mystery…

Clownish pomp and circumstance


the irony…

Such contradictory personages…in child like games

As Jesus draws ever nearer




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