Sniffer Planes

It is alleged that North Korea has detonated the first hydrogen bomb.

sniff II.jpg

The entire “world” is shocked and alarmed by this surprise development? (REALLY..???)

Japan, China and the U.S.A. have dispatched specialized planes that detect residual radioactive isotopes.

sniff III

Thus far the results have been…

Kim chee…

roasted dog meat…

other sniffers?

And lots and lots of “methane gas” from all of the Cabbage!

sniffNeedless to say, all of the planes returned to their respective home bases to have their filtering mechanisms flushed of gaseous organic impurities clouding sensors…ingenious of those resourceful North Koreans!

Cabbage production has subsequently been ordered to be increased by edict of the Supreme Leader.


As an added precaution, North Korea is releasing finely ground black pepper into the atmosphere (devious:)

boris II


This just in:

A.P.I. reports that “Moose and squirrel” continue to evade capture by the villainous regime!

(P.S., No military leaders dare to tell Their Supreme leader that these are only “fictional” characters for fear of being brought before a firing squad…shhhhh.)


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