Winning The Bronze-A collaborative effort by Doug Blair, Jody and Anthony Gomez


Stop everything!

Put your highlighters down.

Hold on wait just a minute will ya’?

You too Mr. so-called writer,

don’t tap-it-tee-tap-tap me out on your keys just yet!

First we gotta’ ask as we take a  looksee around…

Somethings missing here?

Think for a minute before you go tappin’ on my keys

And post me up on a screen…

For everyone to see

We’ve heard of it

read of it

glimpsed it

but where has “it” gone?

Where is the foot washing?

Why so scarce?

Flowing tears

Flowing hair

In contrition


Is the anointing of alabaster?

Where is service

If all are masters? (Anthony)

Is the only fragrance here

The sweat and human agenda?

Is there time to stop

Fall down

Contemplate those beautiful feet

About to tread

Via Dolorosa? (Doug)

A path accepted for worn souls

Tread lightly upon this ground for

When the path is found the

Stations will be policed by a serpent’s tongue

Heavy burdens, a cross to bear

Forgiveness awaits there (Jody)

And really this is Rightly discerning

That sword of division.

Through crosses We have Him.

Through crassness They have the alluring gold

 Presumably. (Doug)

Presume, assume, surmise, hypothesize

Fictitious works and walks

Shiny, attractive ornamental mouthpieces

Charm the asps from the sweet grasses in which they lie

Go to the wilderness and seek the bronze scales

Erect them high and mighty on the Carpenter’s wood

Healing awaits there (Jody)

(What a powerful juxtaposition to ponder deeply in this split screen image below! 🙂

the rock of israel

John 3:14

Numbers 21:8

image by Ron DiCianni


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