A “Return To Sender”

“A Return To Sender”
For all the many choices
In a moment
In an hour…
In a day
In a lifetime
It always seems to boil down to one of two
No matter where we are
What we are doing
Even at a four way stop
Only the one of two
Only the one of two in Three
are truly of any appreciable consequence
Given a choice…
Of will
Of way
Right “Now”
There is only One to cleave to and obey
One to forsake
We would leave on a moment’s notice
Given a ticket to paradise
Pack no bags
For this journey
There is nothing material of value to take
Dual citizenship for a murmur’s time
In the Great heart of matter
To be in…
Yet not of
In the midst of turmoil
You offer life eternal
Peace, rest , Love
How in an appointed moment of time
We are confronted by a Truth
That sunders the veil
Of every conception of man
Every theory of time and space
Become irrelevant pursuits
It is always
And can only be
Hear and Now in You
Self-sufficiency melts away In Your presence
Malfeasance shed…
Filthy rags and remnants of yesterday
“More than sufficient”
Denouncing the “old man” and his ways
Still a constant struggle
And a conundrum prevails
Tears the page
These thoughts that stream so much fiercer now
In a heart ablaze
And one seems to forget more
The harder one tries
What initially came to mind so effortless-ly
Finding it hard to remember what it was
One was truly intending to say
Maybe it’s for the best
Goes much easier when we learn to accept and face
rather than engage in futile attempts to circumvent
Pre-ordained inevitable trials and tests
those small tastes of effects
in lost causes
that assist in steering courses correct 
Take the change as it comes
Reflect upon the wonder of…
The unknown mystery
That every now and then peeks out at us and seems to say:
“did you catch it? Ya’ gotta’ be quick,
perhaps next time and many wonderful next times without limits”
We must confess
There are things we are not meant to comprehend
Nor should we even continue to try
But we will..fer’ sure!
Deep in our heart of hearts we know
That we don’t know all
But know, that we know, what we know
Of what is imperative and essential in the utmost order
We accept in faith and trust and belief
That You are all there is to know
Funny…these glory bumps
How they just catch us by surprise every time
That tingling we learn not to fear
Tis’ but the beginning of wisdom
And the strength in weakness subtly being imbued
Well on our way
To becoming “well equipped”
In the midst of testing by trials and tribulations
Learning perseverance…
In fierce prevailing storms
Your tender whisper resounding!
For every creature comfort
We are loathe to deny
A rationale is conceived
In the blink of an “I”
Resisting change
And sometimes…
Embracing a means to self-justify
These are but lies
And doldrums now
To be cast aside
And not worthy of a second thought
We all must “run”
At one time or another
“fight or flight?”
But once taught
It reiterates again and again
That there are only one of two options
“Run from”
Or “run to”
Only one of the two
Guarantees a safe return 
To the ‘SENDER’

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