The Flow II

Nothing to say
In retreat to a familiar special place to pray
Incontinent of mental effluence
By least resistance…
Pools at Your feet
Consciously…prayer is stifled
Can’t muster a sound
The hurt too deep
too premature
too raw
for licking of wounds
The one of many palms You’ve favored
Begins to sway
Begins to dance
To stir…
The rustling of dry leaves gives You away
by Your Will alone
Only the “One”
And none other
You are undeniable and I feel “shame” though I know better
Ashamed to have nothing to say to You
And I know You’re here with me right “now”
Your mercy thinning out this swirling haze
The shivers speak volumes
Everything I’m not saying
All I cannot say…
You already know
Eyes closed…
I feel Your presence like a choke-hold
Afraid to open my eyes
Thinking I might see You…then what?
How many times at this precipice?
Losing count
So many questions
But they come only just so far
Then don’t seem to matter anymore
They arise often…irrepressible
Somehow through all these muddled thoughts
You’ve made sense of me
endowed sense into me
In a way I cannot begin to fathom
And my many prayers were heard
Though I never uttered a word
The receipt is in my heart
Much, much more sufficient in grace
Than could ever have been imagined
Or anticipated.
Psalm 107:35
He turneth the wilderness into a standing water, and dry ground into watersprings



Stopped Caring

Say what you will

Say what you must

It’s a waste of time

It’s a waste of breath

It’s living water

In shallow depths

Dust hydrated momentarily

It’s iron on iron

Petrified in rust

It’s the towel thrown in

It’s out for the count

It’s the last leg wobbling

It’s going under

Quicksand’s deadly grip

Going under…

It’s the dark ash on a forehead

A cross of soot

Trampled underfoot

Everything seen obscene

Everything worth seeing unseen

Makes me want to shout…


I’m tired…

And I don’t give a shit who knows it

With no right to complain

Not entitled to gain

Still I weary of all the games

A lost cause without a name

With no one but myself to blame

Take me out to sea

One last time



Spread and sprinkle my ashes

Where I once felt alive

Then run…

run like bloody hell!

Distance yourselves

from how “carnal” this sounds

and revisit hypocrisy

still alive and well


Ninth Life/New Life

Comforting Angel Tracks-Jody S.

When you reach what seem to be your lowest points in life be aware that you are not alone. When you least expect it there is an angel right around the corner and sometimes they will even follow you home.

Jeff loved his family, friends and was as strong willed as he was caring. He was a fighter, but even fighters get knocked down every once in a while. With the diagnosis of cancer of the heart the doctors didn’t give Jeff much hope, but the support and encouragement of loved ones was enough for him to attempt to beat this illness.

Many treatments were attempted to eradicate the disease, but only prolonged his life for a short while. However, in that short while, he was able to do things that were so important to him and be around the people that truly loved and cared about him. He even was blessed with a grandson. He continuously fought against the cancer, but eventually it spread radically.

Toward the later stages, Jeff would sit in the reclining patio chair outside and take in his surroundings. He was the true outdoorsman type with hunting and fishing being some of his favorite ways to pass a day. Which is why it seemed so odd that a small, four-legged, furry, and snuggly creature took so lovingly to Jeff and him to it.

A cat had wandered into the yard and seemed to instinctively take right to Jeff. He did not seem to have an owner so, the family decided to “adopt” the cat. Now you would hear Jeff saying, “This cat is getting fur all over me. Darn cat.” However, the cat stayed right with him and Jeff, even with a tumor in his heart, found a special place for that cat. The relationship seemed to blossom as time was growing short.

Eventually, Jeff was admitted to the hospital with an excess of fluid on the lungs and renal complications. He was made as comfortable as possible and was surrounded by his family and friends. The next day, Jeff was called home by the Lord. However, Jeff didn’t make the journey alone. There was a very familiar angel with him that followed him home. When Jeff’s family returned home from the hospital they found out that the cat had traveled up to the highway and had been hit and killed in the busy traffic.

So when you think you are at your lowest points in life remember, there is an angel right around the corner, and if you are really special it may even follow you home.

cat walking through snow

Second Chances..?

Three guys died and met St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Upon reviewing their history, St. Peter tells them that they have lived such fruitful and productive lives that they may return to earth as whatever they please. He tells them, “All you have to do is run through those clouds and jump off the edge, state what you want to become, and you will land on earth with your wish granted.” The first man runs through the clouds, jumps off the edge and states, “I want to be a billionaire!” His wish is granted and he lands on earth as a billionaire. The second man runs through the clouds, jumps off the edge and states, “I want to be a good husband and good father!” His wish is granted and he lands on earth as a good husband and good father. The third man is not really sure about what he would want to be, and beads of perspiration start to appear on his brow. St. Peter looks at him and encourages him stating, “Go ahead. You can be anything you want. Just run through the clouds and jump off the edge and shout it out.” The man begins to run, still not exactly sure of his wish, and trips on a cloud, falling over the edge he yells out… “Oh…


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless