Unspoken Art

Letting it go
The impulses gone
Watching it drift on by now
Just beyond reach
No further compulsions
to grasp at anything anymore
No pictures kept and safely stored
No scenery left to attempt to recreate
The visuals constantly changing
The narrative irrelevant, obsolescent
The Artisan now at rest
Has given his best
The greatest gift now manifests…
In patience and restraint
The eye restless without purpose
Rebellious and inquisitive (R.E.M)
Searching dreamscapes
Sprawling vistas expanding
Too rapidly for the brush in hand
To capture
Try as he might
Never manage to take it all in
In awe
The palette slips out of his hand
And colors splatter, upon colors, upon colors…
Some stand out in sharp contrast
Some blend in
Someone is painting these words into being
as morning mists dissipate
and the warmth of the sun soaks in
this is where clarity begins
While someone
Is at a loss
in a desperate search
for the very same


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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