Just Spreading The Joy…

After thunder claps we race

Antidotes to false bravados

Give chase

Silence maintains a safe distance

But by curiosity keeps pace

Maelstroms pass menacing and beautiful

Leaving perceptions of devastations

In their wakes

We pick our heads back up from blood stained grounds

Unaware of being ejaculated from out of our own arses

Sort through a salvageable memento or two

Sift the rubble and dust of our own dander

As if believing we must

Par for the course

Accept the mundane as exceptional

No standard be raised

Bereft of sunlight

Silence observes

As silence often does

As only silence may

The weary lag behind

And collapse

At a halt

to be absorbed where they have fallen

seems like silence has overtaken

but the truth is

silence never moved

but rather it is us which are moved by it

chasing after storms no more

moved along on an assembly line conveyor

having pieces added on

new and improved formulaics

thinking this is peace

‘neath the shelter of highway under-passes

The mechanisms jam to a grinding halt

With a sickenening, clunking, high pitched squeal

Springs are sprung

Cams and gears explosively airborne

All movement is taken into custody now under arrest

From the meager twigs of freedoms untested

Nests are built

Fostering false hopes

While pigeon-holed

In nooks and crannies of manmade structures

at best

wisps of clouds in the night

phantom shapes across stars

as the moon tugs

at the rushing waters’

While you’ve wasted precious time reading this crap…
I’ve been busy opening all the blinds
that have surrounded my chosen dwelling places
Hope you do the same:)



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