A mechanical (D.I.Y.) Redemption Story

Ode’ To Moweee

Late last summer, my old Murray riding mower broke down. The deck had rusted beyond repair; so, I had to get another used mower. Well, my old Murray mower had become like a familiar friend. Who could resist those big oval headlights and cheerful wide smile of a grill that seemed to greet me like a puppy ready to take a romp all over the yard. It is so peaceful cutting grass while the engine drowns everything else out, and the smell of freshly cut lawn is so welcoming to the senses making me feel alive with purpose. Not to mention how lovely the lawn looks when we have finished our laps around the back forty. So, I set the old mower aside for a time hoping I might find a replacement deck.

It seemed very bleak. Those decks were becoming rare finds, and those I could find were either too far away to be a practical trip or just too expensive. Many months had passed, perusing craigslist everyday, and then finally there it was. Only about an hour and a half away, it was posted… For Sale – Junk for Parts. Buried in the mud was a glimmer of a deck that might be a match.

When I got there it was dark, and I really couldn’t tell what it was that I bought. This might be more of a headache than anything else I thought. And Daylight revealed that the deck was rusted, but only on the surface, and the forty bucks I spent turned out to be a wise purchase. I spent days steel wire brush stripping the rust to get to bare metal, and once the ancient dust settled I found the structure was still sound. I proceeded to rust proof, prime, and paint.  I knew nothing of mower repairs before this.

Now, I am all into it. I went crazy with the spray paint and got really creative. New belt, new axles, new tubes in the tires, and new starter solenoid all done on the cheap! There is something to be said for salvaging, repairing and restoring over buying new. “Moweee” is as good as new! The replacement that served so well in the interim was sold at a bargain price to someone who could afford little but really needed it.
Blessings all around…and gratitude even for the smallest of good outcomes!
“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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