“The Running Man” (for a rhyma rhyma…)

“The running man”
did wrong…
got caught
but got away with more
than anyone saw
(who hasn’t?)
lost track
took what was forbidden
got saved
got changed
now writes to give back
the light filters in
seen from the bottom of a well
place notes into a bucket on a rope
“don’t do as I did, kid”
penny for your thoughts from a well wishing well
ten thousand words of desperation
ending with just a smidgeon of hope
got cured…
but still embrace the infection
a broken record
reflecting on bad records
a life of regrets culminating in a life taken
you’re not “running out of death”
that “stinking thinking”
is mistaken…
just out of depth
and can’t be stirred while still being “shaken”
pass it on
the wisdoms, the lessons
“don’t do’s as I did’s”
who are you trying to kid?
in the final analysis…
it’s no use to be forgiven
if you can’t forgive yourself
looking into the face of grace
for the things you did
it’s the walk
not the talk
that tells the tale
rhymes be damned!
if the walk doesn’t change
you write it again and again and again and again
haven’t you noticed by now
it’s brilliant
yet always the same
you’re stuck bro’!
you gotta’ break out
from that mess
it’s been forgiven
it’s been confessed
don’t be the needle
rising and falling without advancing
skipping on a sun warped record
that yearns to play a new song
you already know all this…
in your heart of hearts
where lies can no longer exist
but in truth you resist
shrink away from the kiss
time to grow
right where you are “NOW”
write or wrong
it’s been the same ole’ song
bout’ where you’ve been
and why you’re gone
where are you now
where are you going
and who is following along unbeknownst by influence?
where led to?
In the darkness
you stand out like a star uncommon…among stars
what more have you to say of substance
to those you know for a fact
are listening?
Time for a new song…

2 thoughts on ““The Running Man” (for a rhyma rhyma…)

  1. Deliverance is a word oft used by Oral Roberts to describe all sorts of turnarounds and rescues. Luke 19. Psalm 107.

    Jail-House Prophet

    He was the one who prayed most sincerely for me at a time of great struggle and embarrassment. My wife, daughter, baby boy and I were about to leave Chatham, and I went to Ron for a talk and some encouragement and prayer. My law business had collapsed.

    He had been a client of mine in the setting up of a facility for the St. Leonard’s Society, giving support, shelter and life skills to recent parolees. I had also known him from a quaint Charismatic fellowship which we attended for a time.

    Ron had a criminal record which prevented him from ever again crossing the U.S. Border. Biker. Drug importer. Scrapper. Jail-bird. It was hard for me to believe the reports looking at his clear blue eyes, neatly cropped beard and gentle handsome countenance. His wife and children rounded out a beautiful family. He was leaving factory work at that time for St. Leonard’s.

    I remember when I first heard him giving a message at another church. He had a burden. It was difficult and delicate. It concerned the story of Tamar, daughter-in-law to Judah, sadly widowed and put aside from the possibility of another willing husband and children for a time. Genesis 38 tells us that she was willing to play the harlot and seduce Judah into relations in order to conceive in that family line. Judah did not recognize the woman, but realized when the truth came out that he had been the greater wrongdoer.

    Now what did this message, delivered with tears, mean to that fellowship? He likened that group unto Tamar. Some were offended. He intended only helpful correction. I have seen prophecy work most conspicuously in this fashion – admonition, God’s viewpoint or encouragement. I am sceptical of most of the fore-telling messages which speak of prospects of the heart’s desire like candy being dispensed (the new job, the soon- arriving boyfriend, the powerful ministry or financial blessing just around the corner.) Read the Elijah List on the web. It is full of such carnal stuff.

    Ron, although younger than I, and having less formal education, proved himself to be miles farther down the path in spiritual power, sensitivity and balance. No inkling of pride. A loving prayer partner and a truly joyful participant in praise. He was a re-made and thankful man.

    I learned later that God had taken him home with heart complications at an age which to me seemed far too young.

    • I can relate to “heart complications” too! But the complications have been only complicit in God’s goodness and greater plan and purpose. I’m ready (well equipped, well prepared for any eventuality, Praise God.)and i do mean ANYTHING! And much, much more than I could have ever believed on my own, far, far beyond anything i could have ever dared to imagine:)

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