A Bit Of An Enigma At Times…

(yes…it is the rarest of the Bald Eagle species, the elusive poopy propelled surf skimmer preparing to blast off)
But it’s really quite simple
As per the following examples:
The parable of the tiny bird
suddenly caught in freezing rain
espies and desperately dives
through an opening in the side of a barn
lands in a hot steamy pile of manure
It’s wings defrost
it’s life is saved
not content to remain where delivered
decides to see what is above in the loft
Gets eaten by an Owl!
The grass in the drain field of our septic system at home
is the most luxuriantly verdant of all,
(the blades are like stalks)
because that’s where all the crap overflows to.
When I mow the lawn
I have to make several passes in that one little section,
the mower sputters and threatens to stall.
Certain adhesives
require a catalyst before being activated
one is useless without the other.
So if it seems like someone is shitting on you for no apparent reason, don’t despair or lose composure over it.
One sows, One waters, the sun does it’s part…and sometimes a little fertilizer doesn’t hurt:)
God will give the increase!
Romans 8:28…keep the faith in all circumstances and situations:)
Don’t work so hard at understanding,
Tryin’ to figure out some folks,
Just trust in Faith
He’s got this…
All of it!
(Jesus would often go off alone to pray, are we so naive’ to believe that’s all he went to do?)


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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