Stopped Caring

Say what you will

Say what you must

It’s a waste of time

It’s a waste of breath

It’s living water

In shallow depths

Dust hydrated momentarily

It’s iron on iron

Petrified in rust

It’s the towel thrown in

It’s out for the count

It’s the last leg wobbling

It’s going under

Quicksand’s deadly grip

Going under…

It’s the dark ash on a forehead

A cross of soot

Trampled underfoot

Everything seen obscene

Everything worth seeing unseen

Makes me want to shout…


I’m tired…

And I don’t give a shit who knows it

With no right to complain

Not entitled to gain

Still I weary of all the games

A lost cause without a name

With no one but myself to blame

Take me out to sea

One last time



Spread and sprinkle my ashes

Where I once felt alive

Then run…

run like bloody hell!

Distance yourselves

from how “carnal” this sounds

and revisit hypocrisy

still alive and well



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