Braking Silence

A candle glows brighter
at the end of it’s wick
A lightbulb blazes
just before burning out

High beams tailgate my rear bumper
unfocused illumination flooding in from behind me
temporarily obscures the path before me
pull over to secede the right of way
one sealed beam lights the ground
the other stares into the trees

Sakes alive…
on what was a pleasant laid back evening drive!
all that white noise assaulting the peace of eyes
noise in my mind without purpose or meaning
stuck between radio signals static and careening

Save for the swoosh as it passes by and fades into the distance
settling back in i notice there are no taillights
cresting a rise
swallowed by the moon

Startled stallion horsepower
full throttle into the unknown
frightened by a snake
slithering across a road
drawn to the sun’s warmth
that still emanates absorbed by asphalt
oblivious to the fear it instills
navigating the night
heat seeking insight
‘neath dim moonlight through clouds

G-D made snakes
long before…
man made automobiles or roads
we are born without fear
and yet…
when confronted by lies
we often veer from faith and truth
headlong into our own demise
it is only by Mercy and Grace
that any of us survives


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