Why Go To Church At All?

church in a box
What good does it do to go,
if not willing to “BE”?
Why so fervently “doing”?
And only undoing within ourselves…
The work of salvation on the Cross already completed?
Why add so much to?
When the cry has gone unheeded
for “self” to be defeated?
What is there to get “from”
If nothing is brought “to”?
What good are throngs
going through the motions?
Staring at watches?
Perfunctorily singing songs?
Forsake assembly?
Not what is being advocated here
But we must ask ourselves…
when and where to forsake
worldly doctrines with specific misleading agendas
Webs spun by salaried pretenders
Where two or more are gathered
to such gatherings drawn
The only crosses on display
are the ones evident in each others hearts 
unseen yet known
unshown yet shone
beyond the veils of mystery
Purchased, ransomed…
Why seeketh thou man, 
to enslave us anew?
The roofs are leaking
Paints a’peelin’
Saints in stained glass captive
Grasses overgrown unattended
The piped organs bleeding
What is “broken”
remains un-mended
Even countenances of man created statues
 seem saddened
Where headed..?
(“quo’ vadis?”)
While idolatrous relics
In Altars enshrined…embedded?
What bittersweet superstitious faithless irony
in paganistic reverences misdirected?
Where “Presence” draws not nigh
Small wonder that even here…
In fact especially so…Priests falter
Even dogs know that bones are meant to be buried
In a world en-maddened
“Why seek Ye’ the living…
among the dead?”
Did not JESUS say:
“Follow me..” ???
Is HE…
Or is He not…


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless

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