Has Beens

Has it not always been so?
how we deny
refuse to “let go”
and is it not true,
that we are not what we eat?
nor defined by what we say or do?
simply temporary stages to learn through
change is constant perpetual not willful
stagnation is enslavement
the circus comes to town
for a time…
then moves on
and eventually the effects wear off
that of….being enthralled
and the precious gifts abundant
that have ever been our staples
by comparison seem so mundane
so we make circuses within ourselves
and somehow see it as gain
the bearded lady
tatooed man
two headed snakes
followers of lines in opened palms
the absurdities of life
have crept out into “Norman Rockwell” vistas
Ma’ Kettle the dominatrix?
Pa’ Kettle submissive leather clad slave?
a “Bruce” transforms
into a “Caitlyn”
To nary a raised eyebrow
instead thunderous applauses?
the thought occurs
we are afraid to speak out
for fear of ridicule
the politically correct left
seeks to cause us to doubt within ourselves
redefine for us what God says…
is right
and what is clearly wrong
we remain silent
and satan revels in it
while abominations trample upon
our once resounding victory songs
muddled by obscenities
holding hostage our tongues
once ransomed at great cost!
We are indeed lost…
and  very  long
Estranged from home


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers” God Bless

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