Let It Rise


A Visitation/ An Inspiration

“Why do you fret so..?
Don’t be discouraged
See…I’ve made a Way
Taken those burdens from you
The one you now bear
Is the One you need right “NOW”
Oh my child,
I know it doesn’t seem fair
You may think “I AM” indifferent to your plight
That I do not care
I know you’d like nothing better than
to just bolt and run
get as far from Me as you can
But deep inside you know
that solves nothing
And I’d be remiss, Oh precious child 
to let you slip through my hand
You had turned to face me
that was no accident
I called you out from hiding…
 by design, purpose and plan
And Truth can no longer be denied
That is what is causing the anguish
The conflict inside…
I heard your humble pleas
Received your prayers graciously
I was with you everytime you cried
This one thing “NOW”
Within many intertwined
are not entanglements
Nor tendrils of happenstance
Son, reflect on The “Vine”
Meditate upon it…
See it grow cling mightily
see it sprout glorious broad leaves
And I promise…
The fruit you will bear
Will be sweet in due time
in due season..
Have patience my child.”

Replay For The Ages

Rent asunder
somewhere outside a gate
between departures
and arrivals
in the chaos…
difficult to differentiate
between liberty
and survival instinct
a baby crying in shock and horror
beside her Mother’s lifeless body
The tumult recedes for a moment
Then fast forwards to the next wave
replayed again and again
Senseless, depraved…inhumane
becoming the new “norm”
Hearts become cold
reality seems untouchable
when fear prevails
when fear assails
when fear presides
When allowed the slightest foothold
As a result of our own forfeitures
Tears slip in between cracks
To fill a void
Eventually to freeze
To expand
To break apart
Create a rift
Between us all
Once divided…?
no one needs to tell what comes next
the evidence is clear
to any “sighted” witness.

I Remember…

Everything done to me explicitly recalled
in a fierce violent rush
Rated RX and then some
Illegible in untrained hand
Though more than sufficient Touched by mystery
Was the penmanship of the Prescriber
but what was it that I received?
while incapacitated
taken advantage of
by predators who smelled the fear upon me 
A prisoner outside of my shell
Then again there were those
 whom I in turn shackled by influence
To my ankle chains
Silent screams squelched
Within a kind of hell
Forced to observe
Nose pressed against the plate glass
Passerbys…oblivious to my plight
contorted muffled agony
invisible in plain view
Unconscionable acts inflicted upon me
My anger drawing others into the fray 
Chose to forgive
Shown how by example…
But not without anguish
Not without scars needing healing
Trials and testings meant to teach
Turned the tide
Brought in from the dark
Brought back from beyond reach
Back to shore
Wet and cold
Shocked back…
 to a Fully cognizant state
It’s not forgotten
The ordeals
None of it, not a bit
It doesn’t just magically vanish
What would there be to testify to?
The struggle is real and constant
A conscious choice to remain grounded
Where planted…
The “old nature”
A triggering distraction away
The old man knew not how to pray
I’ve seen them
Known them
Lived just as they do
And continue on…blindly, unswayed
Before the change
The intervention
Transition into something new
In…but not of…
One foot there
One foot here
Some would beg to differ
Until they themselves slip
And would they even know if they had?
This is hard…
This is very hard
The yoke indeed is light
But the eyes…
The eyes of man
Betray the true essence of sighted sight
Try as they mightSomehow still find a way…

To avert the light

Truth And Intimacy/A Poet’s End

I can point to problems
and offer no helpful solutions
i can feign resolve
while living in dissolution

i can be smothered in fragrant aromas
to veil my pollution
i am bitter
i am angry
i am seething
i am nothing good
of no good use to anyone
nothing good may come of me

i am a waking nightmare
resident of a blank stare
a foggy view
upon mist kissed glass
becoming clearer
drawing nearer to,
the part of me i can’t bear to look at

Heraldic nomenclator
emerging through a mirror
a messenger
who doesn’t know his purpose
in between
the depths of messages
and the flotsam and jetsom on the surface

One day totally lost
one day completely found
caught flat footed
yet somehow aware
of the curvature of the ground
upon which i stand

And the circles
within …
intrinsic circles
within cycles of suggestions
missing clear commands
self absorbed in catharthic cocoons

Given a lifeboat…
yet still feeling marooned
how selfish can i be?
knowing i have not yet begun to share
the deepest parts of me
where You dwell

For fear…
of what might emerge
from out of…
so once fractured…
a shell



Tempering / Catalytic Conversions

In automobiles the catalytic converter works by using a “catalyst” to create a chemical reaction in which the gases are “converted” to produce less harmful, or even inert matter. In road going vehicles, this can result in a 90% conversion of bad gasses into less harmful gases that flow through the mufflers and out the exhaust tips.

Like the trials of life in Christians inevitably we will be tested in all areas of our lives.
The Apostle Paul asked 3 times that the thorn be removed from him.
2 Corinthians 12:7-9
Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me– to keep me from exalting myself! 8Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. 9And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.…

A “catalytic conversion” of sorts is a purification process by fire or intense heat.

The element inside of a converter in motor vehicles will superheat (glow white hot) at lower temperatures and in effect purify by heat more harmful emissions most effectively.

Tempering steel is a simple matter of putting it back into and through the fire.

So therefore “enjoy the heat”…it serves a “purpose” and is an essential part of The Lord’s plan for all of us.

And if more than one thorn…let us simply count our blessings.
See…no lengthy theological over analytical dissertation required,
n’est ce-pas?

“Grace is sufficient for us”