Found Crumpled Up While Cleaning Out Some Old Things

Speak softly
Tread lightly
Be humble
When living in an avalanche zone
Before chopping down a tree
be certain of which way it will fall
once a trigger is pulled
a bullet cannot be recalled
In a time of war however
shoot to klll
not wound
the enemies of the Lord pray lewd
against the forces that pray loud
Let the Word be your sword
Be “of one accord”
Jesus took upon Himself
all the hard labor
We have no excuse therefore to waver
What account shall we give,
the day we meet Our Saviour?
Have we loved you…
Whom we have not seen?
Have we loved our brothers and sisters
who we have seen?
Or just living preludes
to echoes of obscene…scenes…
The deceiver is hard at work to re-define
what You had in mind
“All those who do the will of my Father”
these are our brothers, sisters, mothers”
In Christ there is no such thing as loneliness
But sorrows will follow…
“I did not come to bring peace but a sword”
To progress…
There must be a parting of ways
Tough choices must be made
Be wary of robes of hindrances
being subtly woven
Draped in deceit
living contradictions…
to Whom are we behoved?
Get thee behind
Leave left behind
like dust shaken off from feet
Removed from out of mind
for betterment of spiritual traction
Walk away
without a backwards glance
Who would cause us to stumble
Why “grin and bear”
taken with a grain of salt
that which has lost it’s taste?

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