The Span

And it came to pass
The waters untested
So it was mutually agreed
A bridge was needed
to cross the river
And the townsfolk labored
night and day
cutting down trees
hauling raw materials to the riverbank
And a child was seen
standing in the middle of the river
Which as it so happened
in the dry season was wide
but indeed quite shallow
As shallow as those who seek
To imbue with complexity
the things that are relatively simple in nature
that are so obvious to a child
unafraid to get wet feet
Constructs of mens’ imagination
grand preconceived notions
circling mountains
in a wilderness
without end
Boisterous talk of prophesying
anointings and visitations
Glowing faces wide eyed
by a campfire speaking in hushed tones
of pagan superstitions
as if to placate itching ears
passing for Truth
yet lacking…
So much as a modicum
of common sense
to lay claim to.

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