I Remember…

Everything done to me explicitly recalled
in a fierce violent rush
Rated RX and then some
Illegible in untrained hand
Though more than sufficient Touched by mystery
Was the penmanship of the Prescriber
but what was it that I received?
while incapacitated
taken advantage of
by predators who smelled the fear upon me 
A prisoner outside of my shell
Then again there were those
 whom I in turn shackled by influence
To my ankle chains
Silent screams squelched
Within a kind of hell
Forced to observe
Nose pressed against the plate glass
Passerbys…oblivious to my plight
contorted muffled agony
invisible in plain view
Unconscionable acts inflicted upon me
My anger drawing others into the fray 
Chose to forgive
Shown how by example…
But not without anguish
Not without scars needing healing
Trials and testings meant to teach
Turned the tide
Brought in from the dark
Brought back from beyond reach
Back to shore
Wet and cold
Shocked back…
 to a Fully cognizant state
It’s not forgotten
The ordeals
None of it, not a bit
It doesn’t just magically vanish
What would there be to testify to?
The struggle is real and constant
A conscious choice to remain grounded
Where planted…
The “old nature”
A triggering distraction away
The old man knew not how to pray
I’ve seen them
Known them
Lived just as they do
And continue on…blindly, unswayed
Before the change
The intervention
Transition into something new
In…but not of…
One foot there
One foot here
Some would beg to differ
Until they themselves slip
And would they even know if they had?
This is hard…
This is very hard
The yoke indeed is light
But the eyes…
The eyes of man
Betray the true essence of sighted sight
Try as they mightSomehow still find a way…

To avert the light


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