Replay For The Ages

Rent asunder
somewhere outside a gate
between departures
and arrivals
in the chaos…
difficult to differentiate
between liberty
and survival instinct
a baby crying in shock and horror
beside her Mother’s lifeless body
The tumult recedes for a moment
Then fast forwards to the next wave
replayed again and again
Senseless, depraved…inhumane
becoming the new “norm”
Hearts become cold
reality seems untouchable
when fear prevails
when fear assails
when fear presides
When allowed the slightest foothold
As a result of our own forfeitures
Tears slip in between cracks
To fill a void
Eventually to freeze
To expand
To break apart
Create a rift
Between us all
Once divided…?
no one needs to tell what comes next
the evidence is clear
to any “sighted” witness.

2 thoughts on “Replay For The Ages

  1. Our own forfeitures (good phrase). I remember a documentary on the civil war in Yugoslavia. The city of Dubrovnik had been a scenic seaside resort. Friends of my in-laws had a wonderful holiday there. Reduced to chaos and rubble. Women medical students from the university struggled to continue their studies (now doubly necessary) in an underground parking lot. Now was anyone there a winner through bigoted tribal tensions or lust for power and land? Try browsing Google Images under “civil war in Dubrovnik”…Doug

    Excellent images here in your poem Anthony!

  2. Excellent B.P.S. in the gifted illustration bro’!
    Actually Doug this poem was written and set aside quite awhile back. It came to mind yesterday as i realized where it was going i had no clue about it and was confused whether If it had any meaning at all?. It all seemed to just come together yesterday, after a few subtle edits. And the best i could hope for was that it made sense to someone other than myself (after I wrote it B.P.S. immediately came to mind:).

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