A Visitation/ An Inspiration

“Why do you fret so..?
Don’t be discouraged
See…I’ve made a Way
Taken those burdens from you
The one you now bear
Is the One you need right “NOW”
Oh my child,
I know it doesn’t seem fair
You may think “I AM” indifferent to your plight
That I do not care
I know you’d like nothing better than
to just bolt and run
get as far from Me as you can
But deep inside you know
that solves nothing
And I’d be remiss, Oh precious child 
to let you slip through my hand
You had turned to face me
that was no accident
I called you out from hiding…
 by design, purpose and plan
And Truth can no longer be denied
That is what is causing the anguish
The conflict inside…
I heard your humble pleas
Received your prayers graciously
I was with you everytime you cried
This one thing “NOW”
Within many intertwined
are not entanglements
Nor tendrils of happenstance
Son, reflect on The “Vine”
Meditate upon it…
See it grow cling mightily
see it sprout glorious broad leaves
And I promise…
The fruit you will bear
Will be sweet in due time
in due season..
Have patience my child.”

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