Dear God-Sir Midge Ure


Tempests Pass

It comes upon us
So stealthily…
Drives a wedge between us
Before we even notice the distance present
In the end
In the aftermath
When the smoke clears
And the mirrors are all shattered
Clean up…
Return to our senses
Take stock of all that ever really mattered
Why were we ever at odds
So puzzling..?
In waters stirred the testings come
In abatement to pools of serenity
Seem really dumbed
In a reflection of you and me
We are shone aglow as one
One flesh…
Is all we see
Jonathan and David ain’t got nothing
On you and me
And so the long dark night
Yields to prayers in unison
Hugs and kisses
Blissful sleep
In the morning
The aroma of fresh coffee brewing
Pancakes on the griddle
Out back…
Dozens of hungry little sparrows gathered at the feeder
And a few of the biggest, brightest Cardinals I’ve ever seen
It’s definitely a new day.  
Even the best of Christians can become nasty towards one another,
usually a lesson needing to be learned.
* “Nasty Christians need to learn”-Doug Blair
God sends help…
(Friends, Doug Blair and lovely wife Hilary)
“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless