Temporally Untitled

Another exercise in futility

to yet again…

attempt to explain


in any manner convey

the things You reveal

in Your perfect timing

And what have we to offer

but words insufficient

good intentions deficient

expressed in blase’ rhyming

You deliver the goods

where no good exists

counted out


such as us?

our names on Your list?

So be it!

Let us take these bags of faded hopes and be on our way

Resignation…head hung

tried our best

accepted that it would not be this hour, this day

with deep regrets and only failure’s senses

turn to climb back up upon

formerly leapt over fences

just not meant to be

Your ‘our’ hand

not a minute too late

in the nick of time

before a trickle of blood can fall from a cheek

in a close shave

You take our ‘hour’ hands in Yours

and keep us left of midnight

just long enough…

and for a time eternal

more than sufficient

only You know..

the measures.


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