A Dear friend


After three years of corresponding back and forth via the internet and especially on C.C.W. where we first met and came into conflict, we had the glorious opportunity to meet.
Facilitated by his loving wife with co-conspirators son and daughter.
A birthday surprise for his sixty fifth, round trip airfare from Waterloo, Ontario Canada to come and visit with us in Moncks Corner S.C. for four days.
Finally after three years we looked each other in the eyes, shook hands, gave thanks and supped together, washed each others feet. There’s much more but i’ll let him tell it if he so wishes, he is quite the gifted story teller (entertaining Scottish accents as well as others ta’ boot!).
We related, we were relatives, it was relational, no longer limited to cyber spacivity but up close and personal. One of two individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with in my many years on this site. My friend can write and write well, I’m hoping that he might read this and fill in the rest of the story. You see, I’m convinced that he is a “gift” from God and nothing can change my mind about that. A bond has somehow formed between us somewhat reminiscent of one such as that between Jonathan and David.
The first person to ever “get me” in ways heretofore I never thought possible! In fact he can interpret things I write before I even come close to understanding it myself…in obedience and faith I let it fly. What once took years and decades have become much clearer through his patient tutelage and compassion…again…to God be all the glory.
thank you
“Yes, such a friend one diamond full of scintillating comfort is priceless gain.”-Doug Blair (belonging)


“if people destroy something made by man they are called vandals. if they destroy something made by GOD they are called developers”

God Bless


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