Friend Or Foe?

Nowadays we are put to the test, a test of choices

Was a time when doing the right thing was a “no brainer”

Now we hesitate to help a stranger

Fail to act while taking measure of the danger

Whether it be motorist stranded

Or beggar emptied handed

It’s a dangerous world we live in

Fears overriding any conflicts of conscious that arise out of doing nothing

And in playing it safe we bring pain upon ourselves and if not then we have been numbed

What is sacrificed?

Seems reasonable to be cautious doesn’t it?

To a degree…

There is a blank space between each line being written here

But the fact is this is an illusion

There are no “blank spaces”

The Holy Spirit fills the voids

By prompting and nudging to fill

Given “LIVE” ammo in lieu of blanks

Whether, stares, checks, slates, canvasses…

And all manner of blankity blank, blanks…dispeled

Replaced by thankity, thank, thanks…in all circumstances

while “being” is blessedly stilled

A prelude necessary to purposeful action

A refrain from distractions

Take the opportunity “Given”

to soak it all in

Before proceeding with next decision made

Kneel and feel for a firm ground

Crawl if necessary in humility

The light is but a moment away

The illuminated “exit” sign

on the far side of the smoke filled room

is there…

Trust that it is there

Without fail.



One thought on “Friend Or Foe?

  1. Coming out of the day’s smog and fear to do right…(Doug)

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